Liturgy and Sacred Art

Liturgical space renovations, installations and iconography

Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in leading various liturgical workshops, both temporary and permanent. Additionally, I have established myself as an iconographer and sacred artist.

If you’re interested in exploring my work, I invite you to browse through my flickr album. Within this collection, you will find a diverse range of my liturgical creations, as well as a selection of miscellaneous art that I have produced throughout the years. It’s important to note that there exists a clear distinction between icons and other forms of sacred art. Icons adhere to a specific canon and are meticulously crafted using traditional materials. On the other hand, other types of sacred art may incorporate a mixture of styles and materials, allowing for more creative freedom.

One unique term I have coined for a specific style of artwork is “Hypericons.” These pieces draw inspiration from the traditional Eastern Christian iconography, while also incorporating layers of contemporary influences. The resulting fusion showcases a harmonious blend of the past and the present.

I hope you enjoy exploring my portfolio and appreciate the depth and breadth of my artistic endeavors.

Select publications


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